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Name:The Outer Divide Permissions ◄
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O  U  T  E  R  ♦  D  I  V  I  D  E

It's been nearly two hundred years since the domes were built to protect the people of Verdana in their Great War against their sister planet, Antiqua. It's been nearly two hundred years since catastrophe felled two of the great domes, and sparked a plague that ultimately claimed billions of lives. Though much of the area ravaged by disease has been reclaimed, some portions remain uninhabitable, surrounded by a quarantine line. The no-man's land surrounding this line is known as the [community profile] outer_divide.

Over time, the survivors began to band together and rebuild their society. Many of those most dedicated to retaking the plague-ravaged lands live in either the city of Poseidon, or the Old City outpost north of it. It's here that an ancient space ship crashed, nearly a hundred years after the catastrophe. From that ship newcomers emerged who would change everything.

Outer Divide is a panfandom sci-fi open world game. We accept characters from all mediums, as well as AUs, Fandom OCs, and Original Characters.

After new arrivals awaken in the ship they are free to explore the entire planet of Verdana. The only places they'll have difficulty entering are the Plagued Lands, and the remaining domed cities. The Outer Inhabitants are still rebuilding, and aside from the quarantine line, most of the technologies remaining resemble those of 20th and 21st century Earth.

Much of the world has become overgrown and filled with wildlife. The majority of the animals are similar to those found on Earth, including many extinct or mythical creatures. It's not unheard of to cross paths with a dinosaur in the wilderness.
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